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Tesla Powerwall 2

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Store your Solar Powered Energy into the Tesla Powerwall 2 and go Off-Grid with these Batteries.

How Does The Tesla Powerwall 2 Work?

The Tesla Powerwall Battery 2 is an sophisticated solar panel that enables you to store solar power produced during the day for use at any time or day you need it. Throughout the day, the sun radiates on your solar panels, charging your battery. In the evening, your house draws from your battery system, powering your house with clean energy 24/7.

Battery Backup For Home Appliances in Las Vegas

With this industry-leading house energy storage system, your capability to consume and also make use of clean energy from the sunlight is almost limitless. The Tesla battery pack can store excess solar power during the day and use that energy later when the sun is not shining. We can provide a solar + battery energy storage solution that allows you to access the power of the sun all day and all night. This gives you the ultimate decrease in reliance on pricey utility costs.

Home Battery Backup Power Supply

The battery is smart enough to charge during durations of low electricity usage and then discharge during time periods when power need is higher.


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What is the Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Home Powerwall 2 is a DC energy storage space system with a functional capacity of 13.5 kilowatt-hours per Powerwall. If you need a lot more energy storage capacity, several Powerwalls can be mounted in parallel. Many homes operate on AC power, so Tesla loaded an inverter in addition to the battery pack that transforms the stored DC power from the battery into AC power that every one of the appliances and also electronic devices in your house can use. Regarding Powerwall 2 specifications, the inverter can push out the resulting AC power at 7kW peak or at a 5kW continual rate. Bundling a lot more Powerwall 2’s together in a single installation also provides the capability to support even larger power draws. When it comes times to charge once again, the inverter perfectly transforms AC power back into DC power that is stored in the battery.

Solar Powered Roof and Home Battery Option

A self-powered house combines solar power and also a battery to power your house night and day. Throughout the day, solar panels can create even more energy than your house uses. Without a house battery, that excess energy would be returned into the grid or lost entirely. Through the Tesla Powerwall 2 application, you will have full visibility into your house’s energy storage space and also usage, putting you completely accountable of your house energy system. Not just does this guarantee your energy needs are constantly satisfied, it also results in much less power being wasted.

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