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Are Solar Energy Stocks a Good investment?

What's Solar Energy? Why should you invest in It?

What exactly is solar energy? What are the reasons to invest in it? Solar energy is a type of renewable energy that makes use of the sun’s heat and light. The most popular type for solar power are solar panels. They absorb light that is later converted into useful alternating voltage (AC) that is then pumped through the electrical panel of your home.

Future energy investments will comprise renewable and sustainable energy sources that includes wind, solar and water energy. This fast-growing industry could make huge profits.

Diverse kinds of Solar Energy investments

There are numerous ways to earn money from green energy options. You can start by identifying solar-powered companies that are based on alternative energy sources. This is the most direct route. It can take time to research specific solar energy companies. Moreover, many of them are traded on the public market. It is possible to locate a mutual fund, index fund, or fund that includes a substantial number of green energy securities.

Hydroelectricity investment

In the years to come, hydropower will be the predominant alternative to renewable power that will drive spending. Hydropower is currently the most sought-after alternative to renewable power and is responsible for around 17% of the electricity consumed around the world.

General Electric Co. (GE) which is a French company, returned to hydropower in 2015 by acquiring Alstom SA. Alstom is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydropower turbines. GE Generators as well as turbines comprise around 20% of world’s installed capacity.

Siemens AG, a rival company, is still focusing on small-scale hydroelectric facilities. Both GE as well as Siemens could be major actors in the expansion of renewable energy.

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Solar power stocks

Here are some information about solar energy

Global demand for energy is increasing However, investors who are long-term are hesitant to invest in sources of energy that could be harmful to the environment or contribute to climate changes. The amount of money invested on renewable power sources like wind, solar and hydroelectricity has grown. The solar energy sector has witnessed rapid growth since the year 2010 which saw 150% of its employees increasing to 243,000 in 2010 from 100,000 in 2010. The sector is predicted to grow at an average annual rate of 14.9% from 2010 to 2023. It will then be valued at $286.3 Billion.1

Based on the US Energy Information Administration, non-hydro renewable energy sources (mainly solar and wind) comprised 10 percent of US electricity consumption in the year 2018. However, that number is set to grow to 12% by 2020. The solar industry operates within an “feast-and-famine” cycle. The fluctuations in growth could result from the ability of companies and consumers to provide materials.

Projects and investments of a large scale in the field are a boon for companies. Revenues go up. Businesses can’t grow when they do not have enough demand or supply at a low cost. The time has come since the Trump administration put in place 30 percent taxes against US exports of solar panels, this sector has had its fair number of highs and lows. It came as part of the bigger effort to increase the visibility of US manufacture against Chinese and Malaysian competitors. The tariffs did not apply to all businesses or products. This resulted in higher shares prices for US-based companies.

Although a lot of US companies supported tariffs, some were opposed because they could lead to job losses and uncertainty about the future of solar energy. In 2019 the solar energy sector grew by about 7 percent, with 259 400 employees.

What are the various kinds of solar stock investments?

Three major categories should be looked at by investors in the solar sector They are:

Solar panel manufacturers. Manufacturers of components for solar panels, including inverters, batteries and software.

Financing companies for solar projects. These companies offer loans for solar installations as well as finance solar projects for businesses.

How to take a position in Top solar stocks

Based on your individual strategy There are two options for you to buy solar stocks. You can:

  • To invest in shares of solar-related companies create an account for trading
  • Trading accounts let you speculate on the value of shares issued by solar companies.

An IG demo account allows you to start your solar trading plan without risk. Its IG Academy offers online courses which will help you learn more about financial markets.

How do you invest in solar stocks?

By purchasing shares in an organization, you will be able to invest in solar stocks. The hope is that the price will increase so that you can later sell them for profits. If you bought shares you’d be entitled to shareholder rights like voting rights or dividend payments.

It is recommended to invest if you are looking for a long-term perspective on the stock market and want to earn dividends as well as any price movements.

Financing sources for long-term projects

The future of solar stocks

The solar industry and investments are greatly impact by events in 2022. Natural gas prices worldwide have increased because of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Many countries are trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and instead, look at renewable energy companies and sun power. Investors should search for companies that offer a range of products and technologies regardless of uncertainties.

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The best solar stocks to invest

The development in the market for solar power is accelerating. Based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) The industry is expected to expand its solar capacity by 10 gigawatts a year through 2022. The capacity will increase to 18-20 GW per year from 2023 to 2030. This surge is being due to dramatic declines in cost and solar power is expected to become the lowest-cost source of power for large amounts in the coming years.

While many big companies are focused on solar energy, and could reap the rewards of its development, not every strategy has been developed to boost shareholder value. Three companies are worth investors’ attention:

1. First Solar

First Solar is a leader in the field of developing the solar power solutions. It develops, manufactures and sells the most advanced solar cells.

First Solar is unique because it concentrates on the production of the most advanced thin-film modules. These panels work better in conditions that aren’t ideal for example, low light or hot weather than similar silicon-based modules. They also have a larger size, which reduces the cost per watt. These factors make them perfect for large-scale solar power projects.

First Solar is also distinguished from other companies in the solar sector by its impressive balance sheet. There is more cash in the bank than what it pays on loans. This grants First Solar the financial freedom to develop its thin-film solar panels and expand their manufacturing capacity. First Solar is in a excellent position to grow as the industry grows.

In the next 10 years the lar industry could be responsible for the major portion of its capacity to produce. It doesn’t believe in hydro or wind, but rather because solar is more lucrative. Solar development projects are becoming more lucrative because of the lower cost.

Brookfield has made several acquisitions over time to increase its capabilities in solar energy development. Brookfield acquired Urban Grid in 2022. The acquisition doubled its U.S. renewable energy development pipeline.

The Brookfield solar-powered pipeline is on track to increase the cash flows per share of 6 percent to 11% per year through 2026. Brookfield anticipates an additional 9% growth opportunity every year via acquisitions. Brookfield Renewable expects to grow its high yielding dividend from 5% to 9 percent, and that will support Brookfield Renewable’s plans to increase its total returns over the next few years. This makes it among the most popular renewable energy dividend stocks.

2. SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge Technologies makes power optimizers, inverters, and other components that convert sunlight’s energy into electricity. These components have made solar panels easier to convert DC energy from the sun into AC power that is utilized by the electric grid. SolarEdge’s power optimizers will help your system be less expensive than one that makes use of Enphase Energy as a microinverter (NASDAQ:ENPH). It will also not be as efficient.

SolarEdge has managed to gain market share by focussing on low-cost power optimizers, a strategy that is often challenged from solar developers that focus on cost. SolarEdge has also invested funds on new products for Energy storage, and management of the energy, as well as smart modules that are expected to increase its average installation revenue.

SolarEdge’s market leadership is complemented by a strong, cash-rich balance sheet. This gives SolarEdge the financial flexibility to expand its manufacturing capabilities and improve its technological capabilities over its competitors.

This has allowed SolarEdge to enter new segments within the energy smart market. SolarEdge has made investment strategies for storage, uninterruptible energy supply (UPS), grid service solutions, batteries and electric vehicle (EV-) charging. These investments will aid in helping SolarEdge to grow in the coming years and will help it achieve its goals to expand its footprint into the fast-growing green energy market.

The future of solar power has never been more brighter.

Prior to the election of Joe Biden, solar energy was poised to experience significant growth. His pledge to create America emissions-free can help to boost the industry’s growth. Biden has set a bold ambition of ensuring that his U.S. will produce 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035. Biden also proposes extending tax credits that allow direct investments in order to accelerate the transition to clean energy.

Biden’s plan may pass Congress which means that the solar sector is expected to grow more quickly than the current forecasts. Investors should also consider investing in solar energy stocks. First Solar, Brookfield Renewable and SolarEdge Technologies are the top choices because of their impressive financial histories, evident growth potential, and impressive financial performance.

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