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Breaker Panel

Guide to Circuit Breaker Panels in your Home The circuit breaker in your home serves two important functions. It distributes power from your home to circuits which supply the electricity you require. Circuit breakers stop the flow of electricity when there is danger. This protects the circuits. We’ll discuss the functions of circuit breakers and …

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Electrical Work: Electric Main Panel and Circuit Breakers

Every electrical task can cause harm. The most dangerous types of electrical work are the ones that cause shock, arc flashes or arc blasts. They can result in severe burns that can be up to 19,000degC. Nearly 2000 residents in NSW were treated to electrical shocks over the past four year. Sixteen people were permanently …

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Energy Audit

Understanding the Energy Audit: Why it’s worth doing? Energy audits are readily available to everyone, however only a only a few opt to have one. Most people are not aware that they have benefits offer or even their existence. 9 percent of respondents to the 2020 survey of the Department of Technology and Society, Stony …

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